“I’m amazed by the results!!! I haven’t had a headache in 3 weeks now! I have realised how unwell I have been with headaches, tiredness, feeling heavy, constipation etc…. for such a long time. I hadn’t realised until now. The difference is amazing to be honest.  I can’t begin to explain what waking up in morning without a headache is like. When I wake up, the Joy I feel.  What I have been so accustomed to, is waking with a headache every morning, taking pain killers every day. Feeling awful, groggy and a bit out of myself.  Now I’m pre menstrual (due tomorrow) so this will be the test. But can I tell you, I am not experiencing the pre menstrual tension I have also felt for a long time.
My body must have been so toxic.  I am no longer constipated, I feel lighter, clearer, and so healthy. As always, the oils are amazing. I love them!!!!
I have even begun to use them in my cleaning products etc…!”

Wendy – United Kingdom

“Doing yoga with Amy was an amazing experience. I enjoy her style of teaching. She is knowledgeable, authentic and passionate about yoga. It’s obvious that she practices what she teaches. Inhaling the aroma of oils while moving with the breath is transformational for my emotional health. When I practice my yoga with the application of essential oils, there’s a sacred space created to clear my mind and to heal my body. It balances my mood and harmonizes my energy centers, aka chakras. I love my yoga along with my oils!”

Lily – Ukraine/California

“Amy is just pleasant and lovely to work with.  She truly cares about your health and well being.   Amy wants to help you feel better.   I have my at home yoga practice I have been working on for about a year, but Amy has helped me awaken the practice, emphasizing the importance of the breath. Then, of course, add essential oils into the mix, and my practice is now more loving and personal at home.   The daily yoga practice combined with a daily oil routine has helped with headaches, knee pain, tension, and stress.   Thank you, Amy, you are a bright light! ”

Heather – Washington, USA