1-1 Classes

Yoga was traditionally taught one-to-one.

“Only four ears should be present when matters of the heart are being discussed,” my teacher says.

When we work individually with a teacher who is no more than a friend, and no less than a friend, we’re able to be truly vulnerable.  This ability to share our most difficult stories, to open up about our emotions and yearnings of our heart, and to confide in a trusted ally about what is really going on in our life is the first step in creating a personal practice that is deeply and intimately YOUR YOGA.

Option 1: Begin Your Practice

$150 – 1 x 1.5 hour session

Work with Amy in person or online to develop your personal practices using yoga and/or essential oils.

Option 2: Know Your Practice

$1,000 – 10 hours of yoga and essential oil education

This program will give you the confidence to know your yoga and essential oil practices and how to modify these as the days and seasons of your life change. The ten hours may be used in whatever format will support you most.

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