Durga ~ I got this.

“I Got This.”

This is my mantra for this new moon.

For over a year now, I have honored each new moon with a ceremony and listened to whatever messages have come from my heart.  I’ve learned to pay attention to the words / phrases / ideas, and allow them to stay as my focus for that full lunar cycle.  The practice has been rich. Sometimes it takes me a few days to understand the messages I receive.  This one is pretty clear now…

The night before this last new moon, I had one of the most prophetic dreams I’ve ever had. I was killing “bad guys,” hiding their bodies in closets and drawers, and knew that I needed to dispose of them lest I get into real trouble. I thought to call upon my three closet Brothers for help, but the message was clear…”You’ve got this.  Don’t worry. You don’t need the men-folk to come to your rescue.”  Keep in mind, I was slashing throats and slaying demons with one wave of my weapon. Killing was easy. It was only the physical burden of the dead bodies that was the issue because I knew I would get into trouble if I didn’t take serious action to get rid of them! Nonetheless, the message was clear: I didn’t need anyone else. I got this. 

This is Durga.

The Warrior. The Protectress.  The Heroine righting wrongs. The Mother who wields her eight arms, seamlessly conquering, loving, healing, justifying and activating the power of Strength that is Receiving. 

Undoubtably, this is an energy I am cultivating, now more than ever.

– – – 

When people ask me what I do for a living, I often tell them I am do many things:

I am a MOTHER : ~ Raising my 13-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter is unequivocally the most important “work” I do.   ~ We have an eclectic family with serious love and incredible extended “framilies” (friend families) that create a unique web of support…it takes a village. I value these people like kin.

I am a TEACHER: ~ I offer the gifts of yoga, one friend to another, as participation with the miracle of one’s own Life. In this process, I have established a network of beautiful friendships that span the globe, inspiring and teaching me just as much in return. ~ I share the power of plants and natural medicines to empower healers in every home, and harness the value of prioritizing pro-active self-care.~ I teach people how to create personally meaningful, daily rituals that illuminate each person’s unique talents, creating profound peace and sense of purpose.

I am a CONNECTOR: ~ I work with my children’s school assisting the admissions team and supporting this exceptional community that is dedicated to developing radically poised, reliant, caring young people during such delicate teenage years.~ I notice people and opportunities in my life that have synergy and create collaborations; I know that we are more powerful together than alone!

I am a CARETAKER: ~ I care for our simple home: cleaning it, loving it, sharing all the feel-good vibes in our nest.~ I create quality time (I literally time-block this into my daily calendar!) to nourish our bodies, hearts and minds with love for all we ingest with our food and experiences.~ I tend our sweet animals and lush garden, relishing every opportunity to commune with the plants and animals as they are my teachers, too.

Life is Beauty-Full. 
Days are Full.
Time is Precious.

And, I am conscious to not use the word “busy.”
Busy-ness is not a characteristic I want to cultivate.  
I have an abundance of inspired, heart-fueled projects that are weaving together.  Balancing all these is my daily practice; it is the skill of artful living. Slaying my inner demons of self-doubt, anxiety and fear can be subtle, yet inevitably constant.
This is my Life’s tapestry.

What I do, is also who I am. I am grateful for this union.

I am Mother.
I am Woman.
I am Friend.

And, I am Durga. 

? My 8 Arms ?

1) Capability ~ When I feel overwhelmed, anxious or notice doubts and fears arising, my daily yoga and oils ritual is my sanctuary.  I surrender, I pray, and I am reminded that I possess deeper strength and capacity then I remembered.

2) Trust ~ I know the mysterious, magical weaving of my Life’s journey has always unfolded with amazing – and often unexpected – support. I know I am always taken care of, that Life is functioning perfectly, and without any forceful effort on my part.

3) Courage ~ I foster vulnerability, knowing that this allows for honest connection.

4) Patience ~ I do my best to relax, smile, breathe and go slowly.

5) Vision ~ With clarity and passion, I know what is possible. I feel it. I sense it. I believe in it. I allow the details to manifest secondarily.

6) Listening ~  I empathize and activate artful communication.

7) Love ~ Fiercely.  Compassionately. Everyone has a story. Everyone has pain. I love, regardless. 

8) Harmony ~ To the beat of my heart songs, I flow.  With the sound of my voice, I pray. With the movements of my breath, my body knows the rhythm of the Universe.

Thank you, Durga. ?

I got this.

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