Join Amy and friends after the New Moon Sangha for self-reflective questions and dialogue connecting the understanding of yoga to the power money, and how we can build businesses based in our Hearts!

I believe we each have unique gifts that, when allowed to develop and guide us, bring forth radical opportunities to awaken our Life with purpose and comm(on)unity.

I have a vision :
To Honor Nature + Participate in Mutually Empowering Relationships
that Regenerate Ourselves, Each Other + Our Planet.

From building a natural health clinic in New Zealand, to hosting international yoga teacher trainings, to raising two young adults, I will share from my experience how my personal yoga and oils practice has created a thriving business that integrates everything my heart has desired ~ simply to to be a positive force for healing and inspiration.

What moves me now is to help others realize their potential!
We are capable of expanding even more as
the momentum of mutual empowerment ripples into bigger waves!
I deeply feel this in my Heart.


I will be speaking about the power of residual income,
ethical network marketing and what integration means.

Please join us if you answer YES to these three questions:

Do you practice with yoga + oils yourself?
Do you have a good teacher + community?
Do you care about others?