To My Brothers (+ Sisters):

This is a call especially to the Men, because we All need you!

Brené Brown says, “Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.”

We need to see Men + Women showing up for each other with the strength and softness we all possess, and connect these two aspects of ourselves and each other with profound mutual respect and understanding. This takes big learning on all our parts, and I know of no more courageous act. So, I invite you to participate in the offerings you see on my site as a way to develop your personal power and improve your relationships with others..

Although mostly women have attended my circles, I assure that if you are looking for an open-minded community of “sincere practitioners of being of service” then you will find friends who can support your journey + the most magical container for healing I’ve ever known. And they are calling you in, too!

In the last year, I have worked 1-1 with as many Men as Women. And the reason this is slightly more of an invitation to Men is because I see Women gathering spontaneously in small, serious and silly circles (even if it’s just online, thank you Covid), sharing wisdom and resources, connecting in ways that have been the only light that shines through sometimes. The magic of these circles doesn’t come from them being highly structured and organized; magic reveals itself as courage and vulnerability speaking its truth into the safety of dedicated “heart-listeners.” Because people, showing up just as they are, and sharing from their Heart, sometimes say nothing, and that is perfectly enough.

My point is, Brothers + Sisters, working with the Moon’s cycle and having some kind of daily practice that honors YOUR personal cycle in relationship to Nature’s cycles benefits us All at our deepest level of well-being.  These circles I speak of… they’ve gathered at New + Full Moons since long before I attended…and it’s clear to me why. Ancient wisdom flows through to us now if we only take time to participate in what is actually moving us.

Just as Women get up every morning with the SunRise (like Men) and go to sleep every SunSet (like Men), the MoonRise and MoonSet effect Men, too. Please consider the Masculine/Feminine, Sun/Moon, Back/Front, Bottom/Top, Left/Right paradigm that we know as our Reality as a beautiful, mathematical, inherent function of the need for two opposites to co-exist with each and for each other, and that that same reality created each of us on the core level as our DNA, as the two helixes of our Mother + Father.

If you are a gender fluid or non-gender identifying person, please forgive any ignorance I have in my language. I offer my attempt to communicate with inclusivity, acknowledge all living beings, and wonder if we can agree that we all come from an egg and sperm, so therefore there are merely two different entities/qualities that brought one Life into being. That Life being You; and you are the Sun and Moon.

***Did you know that women’s menstrual cycles average the same length as a lunar cycle? 29.5 days + 28 days respectively***

Women, please know this about yourself and participate in your menstrual cycle with sensitivity to your emotions and whole-being feelings. In my experience, they are truly your best friend and guide to what’s at the root of your being!  Literally.  Your womb is at the base of your body.  Quite frankly, you came from it, and it continues to support you;  just like Mama Earth.

Men, did you know you have a womb space and a hormone cycle, too?

I’ll be honest, Men, in the past many of you have given your support by standing on the side and cheering us on, telling us we Women are SO strong and sometimes NOT, but you mostly have remained on the sidelines of self-care. This is an invitation for Men to come forward and claim their voices in this conversation. Who you are, what your experience has been + is, what you have learned and are worthy of respect + honoring, this is my opening for you to share yourself with us. I see and hear you.

If you are curious to learn more about how the personal daily practices I offer can support Mens + Womens cycles, please join my Full Moon Yoga + Oils classes, the New Moon Sangha and start doing Your 40-Day Sadhana.

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Happy Sun + Moon-Bathing Soul Family 🙂

If you want to learn more about your menstrual cycle how it is connected to Nature + how your daily practice will facilitate total well-being, please come to any of my upcoming classes and consider doing Your 40-Day Sadhana.