Why Yoga & Oils


So…why have I chosen to focus on Yoga + Oils?

Honestly, it’s always been what has inspired me, and what I‘ve taken the most delight in – learning, exploring, studying, practicing, building meaningful connections, fostering understanding and appreciation of myself, friendships and with wonderful communities of people around the world. Focusing on learning natural ways of living with simplicity and intelligent design that cooperate with Mother Nature… beginning with how we participate in our own breath and body.

It’s been my very sincere desire to want to help people, for feeling so fortunate for this Life that I’ve been blessed with, that I want to offer whatever little bit helps. Because for me, Yoga + Oils are the two practices that most nourish and guide my life, and what has been a long, healing journey of self-discovery through trial and error.  Sometimes, probably most of the time, I’ve found that in order for me to be of service most legitimately, that my focus is all about listening to others.I’ve been through my fair share of difficulties, and I believe we all have a story to tell. I’m interested in learning about you.

What’s your story? What do you want? How do you want to feel? What’s reality? What’s true for you? What is manifestation? What are you focused on? What moves you?

For me, it’s the desire to want to understand people and let them know that miracles happen all the time, even if they don’t see it, believe it, or understand it. I know that each of us – with our beating hearts, lungs that breathe, hair that grows and eyes that shine – is being moved by some “unseen, extreme intelligence” (as Mark Whitwell likes to say), whether we believe in God or a Higher Power or not.  

As Mark also says…this is not a philosophical idea or a poetic saying. This is a mathematical equation.  Because you are here, there is an unseen extreme intelligence operating in you, as you. Just by your sheer existence.

There is no other unique being that ever has been or will be in this precise space, showing up just like you are, with just these feelings and ideas and beauty. I believe your presence is a present.  Like my favorite poem, “Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann, says, “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.”

So it is my hope that through the self-care practices of Yoga + Oils, we can all know this unseen extreme intelligence that is operating in us, as us, as obvious truth; celebrating each other’s rare talents and gifts, loving and supporting each other one friend at a time, knowing the abundance of love and happiness that is each of our rights…and realizing the miracle in every single breath, interaction, and relationship.

I feel like I was saved by a miracle when I was 19 years old, and I know that at that moment it was the first time I had ever really prayed in my entire life.  

This was kind of strange when you consider the facts: I’d grown up going to Sunday school and singing in the Presbyterian youth choir with my mother and grandmother. My father is Jewish. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. My first boyfriend was Greek Orthodox. My uncle is Buddhist, and I was fascinated by ALL world religions…but I’d never really prayed.

Until that night, when I truly believe something intervened on my behalf.  

I realized at that moment how many “mistakes” I was making in how I was living my life. Most importantly, I realized how many people I was hurting in the process…most of all, myself.  I felt deep regret and shame for the lies and abuses I had said and shown my young body.

Then, in a near-death experience, I vowed to the universe that if I survived, I would do something meaningful with my life.

As it turns out, Yoga + Oils are the most meaningful ways I have learned to help others… so far at least …

I’m not an expert scholar in either of these subjects; nor am I healthcare professional.

When I was a child, I was surrounded by medicine. My father, grandfather, uncles, aunts, and cousins were all doctors – anesthesia, orthopedics, pediatrics, emergency, psychology, general practice – yet, I was always drawn to natural medicine. 

My family loves to remind me of the time I was stung by a Portuguese man-of-war and four doctors from my family quickly surrounded me wanting to help…and I screamed at them, “I want a REAL doctor!!!”

With all sincerity, though, I do have the deepest respect for allopathic medicine, especially my family 🙂 I believe it’s equally as miraculous as natural medicine, and that everything has its place in our healthcare.

When I was 25 years old, I created a natural health clinic called The Revolution Centre in Whangarei, New Zealand. We had more than 30 different health practitioners in two separate clinics that served over 100,000 people during our five years of operation.

Ironically, I closed the clinic because my own health was having serious challenges, and I immersed myself in studying with Mark Whitwell and supporting the Heart of Yoga community around the world. (If you read my first blog, you can appreciate that Mark had been a dear friend for me, and I was happy to help him as much as I could because he had served such a massive role in my life’s journey through love, grief, and motherhood).

Five years later, I was introduced to dōTERRA and the Corazón Healing Arts community which has a multitude of natural health doctors that have served as my teachers as well. Most significantly: Gigi Chiarello, Dana Schwartz, and David Watts. (Interestingly, they all know Mark through the yoga world, too!)

Thus, what I share with you in Love 2B Here is based on my own experiences in connecting with my heart’s joy, it’s pain, it’s dreams and its desires. I’m only practicing; and offering you, what I have learned from them.

Mark often tells his students, “Yoga is not information gathering.” He usually continues with something to the effect of, “It is participating in the ordinary embrace of your life.”

It is this guidance that has allowed me to learn aspects of Yoga + Oils practices that have been personally useful to me. I do not claim to know it all, for I feel as if I will be a student of life forever. These topics are vast. They have been studied and used as the artistic medicines of our Mothers who always know exactly what will heal us. (There’s also the wisdom of Ayurveda, which I have studied briefly, that has been used Yoga + Oils for millennia.) Again, I reiterate, all this wisdom lies within in you, as well.

The secret is this: There’s nowhere you have to get to, no enlightenment to attain, no need for pain before gain, or sacrificing your joys for the beliefs of another’s idea of a future heaven.

Look around, the miracles are here. The miracles are you and me, and all that we are surrounded by.

This is why I wanted to begin sharing what I can with you now. I have seen that anything worth value of sharing is simply communicated from one friend to another. If I waited until I thought I was ready, I’d never share much of my real self with you.

Granted, you could argue that I’m full of just another gimmick, another scheme, selling yoga classes, essential oils, and products; it’s just commercial activity. Well, yes, yes it is….AND money is an energetic tool that comes and goes, just like all things (I’m working on another blog about this!).

To be clear: My focus is on serving you. If Yoga + Oils speaks to you, and you are interested in what I have to offer, then please reach out.  I’d love to get to know you and share anything that I can to support you.  May the fruits of our relationships and the wisdom of Yoga + Oil, bless our lives and be abundant in all ways.

This is my offering. The rest is up to you.