Welcome hOMe!

WelcOMe! I’m really glad you’re here!

I hope wherever “here” is for you, you LOVE 2 B HERE.

Here is in T(here).  Literally and metaphorically.  The present is the present.  And here, right now, in you, as you, is always perfect, and an endless potential of possibilities. That’s just a fact.

Yet, most people struggle to find happiness, success, peace – whatever definitions of those words they hold as truth. People feel anxious, depressed, or both, in their stress, struggles and search for meaning in their life. Ultimately, we all just want to know we are going to be okay, that we are good enough, and that we are completely loved.

The fact is this: Life is beating your heart, growing your hair, shining out your eyes without your “trying” to do this. So you can relax. You ARE the present. You ARE the miracle. You ARE the flower blooming in your own garden…without searching, without struggling, without trying to be “more perfect.”

In this offering to you, I will share the practices and beliefs that have served me in cultivating this attitude.  This is my yoga. The connection is this; both you and me, our practices are linked – we both have a practice, a focus, a direction, and a way for our minds to serve the heart.  Your yoga is unique to you. Your culture, age, body type, beliefs, and overall health are the ingredients to your magic.  It is my greatest hope that you will Love 2 B Here, too, in all that you are, all that you create, and all that you offer the world. The world needs you!

So bloom, baby!  Bloom right where you are planted!


Your yoga is a simple practice of allowing your breath to move your body.  Krishnamacharya, the grandfather of modern-day yoga said, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” The definition of yoga is  “moving with continuity in the direction of your heart’s desires,”  and your practice simply reveals your heart.   Please see the VIDEOS & RESOURCES section to support you in getting started on your own. Then, call me to discuss your individual practice and how to turn these videos into a practice that suited to awaken your senses, and strengthen and receive your life fully. When you do this, I promise you’ll feel better, and feel better. It’s easy. You will LOVE 2 B HERE.

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Nature knows how to heal.  It restores, rejuvenates and protects. Essential oils are complex, versatile compounds that allow your own body’s intelligence to be supported with this potent plant wisdom.  Learn natural ways to care for your body, mind, and spirit. Weave them into your daily self-care practices. Empower yourself and your loved ones with safe, effective, natural remedies.


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Join me at Studio 108 & The Santa Barbara Salt Cave,  in person or online, for weekly Yoga & Oils group classes. It’s powerful to be in community! Find your tribe. Be with your Sangha, your community. The Sangha is one of the three Teachers of Yoga.

It’s no substitute for your personal practice, though! Work with me 1-1 to customize your daily practice. Know what protocols and practices will best support your unique needs.  Then do it! 

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Luxuriate with me at my hOMe Studio 108 for one-week retreats!

Come to Ojai, California, and Taveuni, Fiji, for Heart of Yoga retreats and 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings!

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Amy is dedicated to sharing her love and wisdom with everyOne.  She has worked with her friend and teacher Mark Whitwell for 15 years, most recently bringing to life the Heart of Yoga Online Teacher Training program with the Urban Family Foundation.  As a mother, teacher, and entrepreneur, she shares her breadth of life experiences, teaching personal practices to empower meaningful connections, heal and thrive.

She says, “The funny thing is, Krishnmacharya said,  ‘Yoga does you, you don’t do yoga!’ As we return to honoring our bodies and breath with our personal practices, we know ourselves deeply.  By allowing our practices to be both strong and soft, we surrender into our lives, not as passivity, but in knowing our connection to our own heart’s desires. We accept and relax. We stop struggling and searching. This provides space for healing and balance to be restored.

The focus and deep sensitivity we experience in our practices also act as links for our minds to serve our hearts. With this power, we can do BIG things! Frankly, I believe the world needs you, me and all of our hearts to GO BIG now more than ever!

So, please, practice moving to the rhythm of your breath, care for your body, and Love 2B Here! As my teacher, Mark says, “You are fully loved, fully supported, fully cared for…You are perfect, just as you are.”  So right here, right now, truly is the perfect place to be. And this is how yoga does you.”



Please, use the information on this site.  Learn more about how you can use Yoga + Oils to facilitate your self-care practices.  Then, please be in touch!

Sri T. Krishnamacharya said, “Only four ears should be present when learning your yoga,”  because it’s a matter of the heart, and true caring is at the core of any transformative relationship.

I’d love to support your personal growth and watch you bloom where you are planted.  I know that it’s possible – right here, right now. You can Love 2 B Here, and relax into the nurturing flow of your Life.

You can do this. Easily. Naturally. In your own unique way. I’m excited for you to show us all your fullest, grandest expression of your one, precious Life.

We want you to do this! We need you to do this! You are a rare gift. You have something special to bring to the world.  So BE YOU and please…bloom, baby, bloom!