Welcome hOMe!

Tell me, what do you really want?

Love. Acceptance. To feel better. More peace & calm. Less anxiety & stress.  Improved health…what else?

Yoga is to move with continuity in your CHOSEN direction.  So feel your heart, choose what you want, and stay focused on your desires.  There is elegant, easeful power in this, and it is as easy as breathing.  With practice and friendship, you will gain clarity and know the answers you seek from within!

What is the Truth?

You ARE a miracle!  There is an unseen Source currently beating your heart, breathing your lungs, dividing your cells, and so forth… all without your “trying” to make these things happen.

So relax.

Here’s how to begin:

Check out the natural, actual practices below that cultivate and support your Life.   It is possible to feel wonder-full, embody all you are capable of, and offer your unique, important gifts to the world, a place that deserves your presence / presents!

Bloom right where you are planted… and LOVE 2B HERE!


Your Yoga is a simple practice of allowing your natural breath to move your body in pleasurable ways.  Krishnamacharya, the grandfather of modern-day yoga said, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

Please see the Classes, VideosReSources section to support you in getting started on your own. To create your personal practice, please contact me now!


Nature knows best. Nature always harmonizes + heals, restores + rejuvenates. Nature protects by repelling + attracting. Learn the basics about essential oil chemistry + how essential oils effect our Emotions HERE.

Nature’s tiniest plant elements hold deep wisdom that aligns with our human beings. Learning natural ways to care for your body, mind + spirit, weaving Plant Power + Daily Heathy Habits.

Empower yourself and your loved ones with safe, effective, natural solutions. GET YOUR OILS!


Check out the Calendar for Online Classes, Retreats + Teacher Trainings!   You’re also welcome to luxuriate with Amy in her hOMe at Studio 108!

Who is Amy Elizabeth Bankoff?

Amy is a Mother, Teacher + Entrepreneur offering personal practices to support each individual’s circumstances + develop harmonious relationships ~ WithIn+ WithOut ~ through the breadth of her life experiences + commitment to be of service.

Amy has taught yoga for 20 years, often siting the Sri. T. Krishnmacharya who said,  ‘You don’t do yoga. Yoga does you!’

Amy knows that when you Honor your Body, Breath + Relationships in daily practice, you know yourself intimately.  This daily action, brings Peace + Power beyond measure + in a way that only one can give to themselves.

Allowing practices to be simultaneously strong + soft, Amy teaches a practice of Surrender not as passivity, but as Trust in your Intuition + Hearts’ Desires.

Learn to accept + relax where we struggle + fight.

Stop looking for an “other” + start living What Is Here Now.

Acknowledge This Perfect Moment. Now.

Amy does not want to convince of needing exaggerated techniques, new-age gymnastics or fancy sequences to entertain you.

Amy wants you to know your Peace + Power as Being Simple + Profound.

Just You.

Your Breath is your Best Friend + Teacher.

Amy can help you know this.

Feeling better is easy and natural.  With your Focus, move to the rhythm of your own breath, feel the fullness of your experience + please care for your relationships with each other + all Life.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”~ Albert Einstein

Amy offers the wisdom of Yoga as she has received it from her Teachers + how it has become hers; as friendship, as a gift, as the empowerment she hopes humanity can realize is right here for us now.

With these ancient technologies of Nature that are already in you, as you, participate in this exchange of friendship + mutuality.

Give yourself the gift of receiving all your are + strongly standing in your ground, as only you can.

You have every right to be here and show the world how spectacular you are! In fact, Amy says, that is your purpose + responsibility.

“Bloom Where You Are Planted…Please.” ~ Amy Bankoff